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Unique eats at Broken Plate

Published:Thursday | June 27, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
Savoury duck breast bruschetta has a surprising mixture of mushrooms and spices to tantalise your palate.
Influenced by the Mexican culture, Broken Plate recently introduced their blackened seafood tacos.
Double-Bone’ in mango glazed pork chop is bursting with flavour.
A hint of Jamaica can be seen in the curried goat pasta.
Chef Damion Stewart with a flavourful plate of blackened seafood tacos.
Director Kwasi Henry and Chef Damion Stewart, owners of Broken Plate.
A large portion of fried calamari.
Filled with fresh and zesty flavours, Broken Plates’ summer salad is a delicious and healthy dining option.

Entering the realm of restaurateurs was no easy feat for Kwasi Henry and Chef Damion Stewart. As two young entrepreneurs under 30, getting a solid financial backing from investors, banks and other financial institutions was nearly impossible. However, driven by determination and a hunger to achieve their goal, there was no stopping the opening of one of the finest restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica, Broken Plate.

Broken Plate specialises in contemporary fusion cuisine with a hint of Jamaica. The combination of savoury flavours created by local herbs and spices is the foundation for the exotic flavour profile within each meal. “We pride ourself In creating unique dishes that are constantly changing every three months,” said Stewart. In their quest to stay on trend with the food market, both Henry and Stewart took it up a notch by travelling around the globe to see what they could bring back to the island. “We recently went to Mexico and Argentina, which has influenced a few dishes which we will be introducing this summer,” said Henry.

Henry and Stewart have been within the food industry for a number of years with the establishment of their catering company, Unique Eats. Instead of stepping out of their comfort zone completely, they decided to amplify their range with the establishment of Broken Plate. “The opportunity came for us to open a restaurant. Initially, it was supposed to be a deli then a coffee shop, then we finally settled on Broken Plate,” said Stewart.


Broken Plate is not a fine-dining establishment, nor is it a casual setting. “Our restaurant is a unique hybrid. It’s a place where you can expect gourmet food in a relaxed setting,” said Stewart. With a suave contemporary design, Broken Plate embodies contrasting shades of black, white and grey, highlighted with pops of colour from their mural of broken plates. There is no bar within the establishment, therefore, beverages are served neat or in a chilled wine glasses.

With an ever-changing menu, expect exciting globally influenced dishes such as the duck breast bruschetta, fried calamari, double bone’s mango glazed pork chops, curry goat pasta, and blackened seafood taco. In the next few weeks, they will be adding a number of exclusive summer specials at affordable prices.

Make your way to 14 Canberra Crescent in Liguanea to see what they have in store. “We are a small space, so we definitely recommend calling to make a reservation,” said Henry. For more information call 876-667-689.