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Ontime Chicken: Ready to pop up near you!

Published:Thursday | July 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Phillip Watson, owner of Ontime Chicken, found a need to meet the market of quick food delivery
Watson and Chef Pong works alongside to serve their growing customer base of corporate offices and residing students on campus.
Watson explains he has always had a love for good food, being nicknamed, “Season” by his friends.
Andrew ‘Chef Pong’ Findlay makes a statement with his dishes by infusing his homestyle cooking.
How do you like your fish, steamy?
Platter of fried chicken served with Spanish rice and veggies.
Let’s dig into this colourful and succulent dish of barbie-fried chicken, Spanish rice and veggies. Yum!

Lunch hour at the office can get pretty hectic sometimes, with those long lines at the canteen and even longer lines at nearby fast-food restaurants. Perhaps you are busy at home with chores or studying in your dorm room on campus, with little to no time to cook a hot meal. Ontime Chicken, a home-based food delivery business in Kingston, is already at your fingertips and delivers meals in 15 minutes. The business plans to venture into mobile pop-up kitchen and events to serve live cooking to its customers, a ‘hatching plan’!

Ontime Chicken, started out of Phillip Watson’s, student owner, plan to meet a market of quick food delivery to residing students on campuses in Kingston. What started out of his small dorm room has now expanded, and Watson now resides in Barbican, where his small kitchen continues to match the demands of his loyal customers.

student entrepreneur

Watson is a student entrepreneur that juggles many other successful business ventures. He shared with us that he has always had a love for good food, being nicknamed ‘Season’ by his friends. This business he started in November 2018 and when the opportunity opened up he entered the business in the JN UWI Guild Entrepreneurship Competition. Ontime Chicken won and has earned an office space, awarded by JN, at the UWI Students’ Union. Meal orders and pickup can be made at this location.

Currently, the food is prepared by Andrew ‘Chef Pong’ Findlay. Watson exclaims that, “He’s one of our newest chefs and he’s very experienced. He has worked at multiple restaurants around Kingston.” The menu normally consists of fried chicken, barbie-fried chicken, curry chicken, steamed fish, stew pork, or curry mutton paired with sides of roti, rice, festivals or seasoned wedges and fries.

Most popular dish among customers is “definitely the barbie-fried chicken” Watson explained. Food had the pleasure of savouring the dish and the succulent chicken glazed in a sweet sauce was delish. Their summer menu now includes the Fyah Burger, a hot and spicy dish that is coupled with seasoned fries and wedges.

Opening hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “We get customers from as far as downtown Kingston and even Portmore. We come to you so there’s no need to come to us,” Watson added.

For a dig of Ontime Chicken’s warm and ready meals that cuts you of those lengthy canteen lines, contact and order from any of their social platforms. Check out their Instagram and Facebook @ontimechicken and contact them via 876 868-1377. Also, you can order online on familiar food delivery app, Pekkish.