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Pig Out at Zack’s Smoke Shack

Published:Thursday | January 30, 2020 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison/Gleaner Writer

Zack’s Smoke Shack is offering authentic American-style barbecue in a rustic, chic and comfortable environment since the start of 2020. This smoke pit is the only one of its kind on the island and is tucked in the right hand, front corner of the Constant Spring Road Marketplace.

Walking into the restaurant, the first thing you will notice is the smell of hickory, oak, maple or mesquite wood. The indoor dining or ordering station is a simple outdoorsy design that boasts modern barnyard lighting hanging from the ceiling. The warm hues that come from the wooden, black and brown decor bits provide great comfort so you can eat a full rack of smoked ribs as if you were indeed in your backyard.

“The directors are well-travelled and really enjoy good food. They noticed the smoking method of cooking was close to the Jamaican jerk method and figured that it would be a new and exciting venture for Jamaicans,” explained the restaurant manager, Roland Henry.

The Food

Though limited, the menu is quite inviting as it makes your decision on what to order easy-breezy. It’s simple – there’s only pork and chicken. Should you choose the chicken, you’ll be in for a succulent smokey time, and if a little ‘oink’ is your go-to, there’s mouth-watering sausages, ribs, pulled or roasted pork and a burger option.

As each dish made its way to our table, it was hard to focus on the task at hand: photos. ‘A meat lover’s delight’, some would call it. There was a full rack of scrumptious smoked ribs coated in a sweet and savoury barbecue sauce. The fact that the meat doesn’t slide right off the bone is the best part and highly recommended for kids. It’s a fun and yummy way to get your hands messy. When paired with the Zack’s original blow-wow hot barbecue sauce, a cornbread muffin and the potato salad, Food noticed that each element added its own zest to complement the whole meal. Next, the messy hog burger. Now, there’s a trick to enjoying this dish with a side of coleslaw and Zack’s original bourbon barbecue sauce.

Drizzle the bourbon sauce over the pulled pork and smoked sausage filling, turn the small container filled with the creamy and crunchy coleslaw down on the filling, place the top bun down and dive in for a world of distinctive Southern American flavours. The delectable smoked chicken and roast pork also left a big impression and paired well with the extra spicy blow-wow Scotch bonnet sauce. Be careful though, your eyes may involuntarily weep. Other sides such as baked beans and baked mac and cheese can be added to your meal for an extra pizazz, and if you’re with a young one who’s a fussy eater but enjoys quick meals, the loaded fries may come in handy. At the bottom is crispy cajun fries, a layer of smoked sausage and pulled pork that is topped with a creamy cheese sauce.

When all the meat eating is said and perfectly done, refresh yourself with Zack’s in-house ‘hogwash lemonade’ or sweet tea.

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