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Savour the Satisfying Flavour at B&D Trawling Pop up Kitchen

Published:Thursday | March 5, 2020 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson /Gleaner Writer
Creamy al dente shrimp pasta? Yes please!
Bite into hot and crispy saltfish fritters.
Garfield ‘Bucka’ Taylor enjoys his fill of the fried snapper.
Xavier White and Chantoy Livermore indulged into their creamy shrimp pasta.
Linda and Derrick Brandt dive right into this seafood fiesta.
Dishing out flavour is fried fish served with a side of festival ‘n bammy.
Rochelle Clarke and Clevert Foster chose to dine overlooking the serene ocean.
Fried fish was a top seller for the pop up kitchen.

Fresh catch scrumptiously prepared by culinary masterminds whose overt mission is to satisfy as you savour. That was the flavour at the recent staging of B and D Trawling Pop up Kitchen.

To celebrate the arrival of the season of Lent, the versatile team rolled out the ‘red carpet’, providing the public with a fantastic feast most pleasing to the palate.

Making their seafood dreams a tasty reality, patrons journeyed downtown to the company’s location at 3B Port Royal Street.

The crisp afternoon air bellowed ambrosial notes of an aquatic heaven. Dancing waves calmly crashing against the shoreline granted an idyllic getaway from the busy streets of Kingston. And although radiant in display, the sun was no match for the blazing heat setting aflame in the kitchen.

Since starting this mouth-watering movement five years ago, B and D Trawling has continued to engage taste buds and surpass expectations. The menu has beendiversified over the years, but what has remained at the heart of the experience is the love placed in each and every meal.

Star of the show

Making a grand appearance in last Friday’s line-up was the star of the show, the fried fish, served with festival ‘n bammy. Other standouts included creamy al dente shrimp pasta, the famously spicy peppered shrimp, soup and fritters.

With just a short stroll on to the restaurant’s ‘boardwalk’, foodies purchased their delicious desires inside Bunny’s, then returned to the great outdoors for pickup. Some went back to work, while others stayed for lunch with a view.

Overlooking the sea, a few opted to admire from afar, eating food on land. While others decided to dine up close and personal aboard the available ship, rocking and rolling to the echoing sounds of reggae on low tide.

So if you have never been formally introduced to B and D Trawling Pop-Up Kitchen, we invite you to do us a favour and indulge in the event’s next staging – you won’t be sorry. For more information on the next pop-up kitchen, follow on Instagram: @bdtrawling