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Eating from The Plantry

Published:Thursday | March 19, 2020 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison/Gleaner Writer
A drizzled dark chocolate delight!
Skip the milk. Try these flavourful almond, pistachio and rose mylks.
Ice pops are a great way to cool down on a hot day!
Danielle Terrelonge smiles with TV hosts as she engages their tastebuds is bliss.
Guaranteed to be the best plant-based mac n’ cheese you’ll every get your hands on.

Scrumptious delights that are made with passion and a genuine love, often hit the spot in ways we cannot even begin to explain. Seven months ago, Danielle Terrelonge launched a plant-based brand, The Plantry. The name can be considered a quirky play on words, and Terrelonge describes the naming process as very organic and simple.

“The store would be a sort of pantry, a ‘plant-pantry’ so to speak,” she explained.

Birthed in a core belief that sustainable living is not just for humans, but for all Mother Nature, The Plantry attempts to elevate vegetable dishes to the status of main showstoppers in your daily dietary intake.

“I hate mushy foods that taste like cardboard. Food can be fun, flavourful, and still good for you and the planet,” she expressed.

Over the years, Terrelonge has become a sort of herbalist who makes what her friends and family call ‘green concoctions’. They are done in small batches, combining fresh and natural ingredients rooted in miles of imagination. The ‘lollies’, also known as ice pops, seem to get the ball rolling for those who are ready to embark on a lifestyle change. “There are new flavours each month and in February, they launched chocolate, avocado, matcha green tea, pistachio with dark chocolate and rose mylk. This month, with the intention of ‘shaking things up’ there’s a beets and berries flavour topped with a dark chocolate drizzle,” Terrelonge said.

The brand also boasts a wide array of sorbets, condiments, sugar-free granola bars, an assortment of cheeses and, of course, the coveted ‘Mylk’.

In the mood for lunch? The Planetary now delivers around Kingston for a flat fee. The menu this week displayed the option of a black bean burger, garlic aioli with a houseslaw, as well as a homestyle bean chili plus cornbread. Come Saturday, however, you are invited to place your orders and try the plant-based ‘Lobster’ roll with chunky chips.

Ready to start a new epicurean journey but unsure of how to start? “We currently offer a three-day meal plan, which includes three breakfasts, three lunches, three dinners, and three desserts. Patrons have the option to purchase the plan in its entirety, or a la carte, which includes one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner and one dessert,” she explained.


The business is mostly cash-less, as a way to keep carbon footprint low. The Plantry is rooted in sustainability, and so they take a few extra measures to stay true to their ethos. Customers also have the option of returning their glassware to be sterilised and refilled. Though the billing system is US-based and the prices are in US currency, when customers pay online they are charged in Jamaican dollars (JMD). There are instances, however, when the brand accepts JMD cash payments at live vending events.

Terrelonge is excited about growth, and is looking forward to expanding The Plantry’s offerings, both locally and internationally. With that said, are you ready to get your hands on amazing food that’s right for you? Call 876-518-1642 or send an email to Don’t forget Instagram where you can eat first with your eyes and ask all the probing questions @the.plantry

All Orders can be placed via call, text, email, or simply dropping a Direct Message on Instagram!