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What’s cooking?

Published:Thursday | April 30, 2020 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison/Gleaner Writer
Shanta D.
Sanjay G
Sharleen B
Monique A
Veronique C
Abigail H
Jermaine D
Cass M

Since we’re stuck at home until humanity gets its act together, the kitchen and dining room have become a very active part of our not-so-busy lives. From breakfast to dinner, folks across the diaspora have given their wallets and dialling fingers a rest by cheffing up tasty sensations, whether it has a quick and easy recipe or puts the ‘e’ in effort.

Food took to the digital streets to find out what meals people are enjoying most, and why.

Monique A: I’ve been enjoying the ackee from my tree, and bean. Also Irish moss because of its nutrients, and it is extremely hard to get to purchase my regular greens.

Sharleen B: Cereal! The only thing I want to eat is cereal. Specifically, bran cereal, like the old person I am.

Jermaine D: Well, I find myself preparing baked chicken and potatoes because I am currently living with my second mom, who was recently diagnosed with blood cancer, and I don’t want to put her at risk by going out. Those things are easier.

Abigail H: Since I’ve been in quarantine, I find myself preparing more smoothies, salads, and if I really need to cook, I make brown rice with vegetables cooked down in a coconut curry sauce. With the current heat that we face, I prepare things that don’t keep me too long in the kitchen.

Sanjay G: Despite the pandemic, not much has changed in the meals I purchase to prepare as we are somewhat still learning. However, mac and cheese has been a favourite. What might have caused a general change in our meal type is the heat, which causes a lethargic feeling of generally not wanting to cook.

Veronique C: Mostly complex meals like stew peas, pork (stew/roast), lasagne or a whole pot of soup. Dishes that I know will last for a couple days. I like cooking but not this much.

Shanta D: Banana, dumpling and any other ground provisions I find in my backyard. Also anything in the tin, it’s easy to prepare. Definitely macaroni and cheese.

Cass M: Before the isolation, I normally cook my meals as it’s something I love. But with the recent extra time, I have found myself baking seasonal pastries such as Easter bun, sweet potato pudding, and cooking more seasonal and daily dishes my grandmother would make, such as hominy corn porridge, festival and fried sprat on Fridays, red peas soup, escovitch fish, etc. Other than Jamaican dishes, I have been cooking other islands and foreign dishes of places I have visited and missed, like doubles, crab callaloo, but Tuesdays still remain taco Tuesdays. The only difference is that I have learned to make a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes.