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‘Shell-ebrate’ fresh and tasty seafood

Published:Thursday | October 22, 2020 | 2:17 PMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
The spicy seafood platter is nothing short of culinary perfection.
The spicy seafood platter is nothing short of culinary perfection.
A closer look at the delicious seafood boil. Ready and waiting to satisfy your appetite.
A closer look at the delicious seafood boil. Ready and waiting to satisfy your appetite.
The curried seafood platter
The curried seafood platter

The culinary catch of the season, particularly during this global pandemic, has been the mouth-watering line-up of seafood. The crab of the land and sea, luscious lobster and succulent shrimp; what’s not to love about these festive favourites?

You can chalk up this new trend to mature, discerning palates possessing the unique desire of diversity outside of home kitchens, or the die-hearted shell food lovers coming out of the woodwork in numbers. Either way, the craving has become so great that it has spiked demand from caterers and restaurants that specialise in this aquatic area of expertise.

“Growing up for me was pretty great. I was always in the kitchen with my grandmother, not learning to cook but timing her pots to finish so I could eat. As time went by, the kitchen found and chose me,” foodie entrepreneur Lushawn Wilson explained.

For as long as he could remember, Wilson loved food, but he discovered his passion for cooking five years ago. In the latter part of 2018, he created Lushawn’s Seafood.

The company, based on Portmore, St Catherine, prides itself on providing fresh, quality and tasty seafood dishes to veterans and the newly converted. Wilson opened Lushawn’s Seafood with the primary intention of having his very own brand. “We specialise in seafood because it’s unique and very much different from your everyday menu,” he said.


As far as culinary experience goes, he holds a combination of training from who he believes are some of the best seafood chefs and self-taught skills and techniques. With signature dishes like seafood boil and the spicy curried platter (inclusive of shrimp, crayfish and king crab or sea crab) and honey garlic lobster, it’s no wonder the reception and support have been incredible. “I think customers love these dishes because of the varying flavours and spices. But the most popular review is ‘It’s the pepper for me’,” he added.

Making his start with pop-up kitchens, he was able to fuse his love for food and events. With the lockdown and quarantine in effect due to COVID-19, Wilson confessed that he adapted quickly to the changes and has managed to cope really well. “We mainly reach our customers through social media interactions since we can’t really go out and engage in face-to-face convos with them.”

With hopes that his business will become a household name in Jamaica and overseas, Wilson chose to specialise in seafood because he loves the uniqueness of it. “Just imagine, the sea itself is a beautiful wonder, so food from it is top tier!”

For more information on how you can ‘shell-ebrate’ these seafood flavours, follow Lushawn’s Seafood on Instagram, @lushawns_seafoodja or call or WhatsApp 876-799-4571. Deliveries are currently available in Portmore, Kingston and Spanish Town.