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Fit 4 Life | Fit in 5: 5 household chores to give you a great workout

Published:Wednesday | September 18, 2019 | 12:19 AM

Did you know that doing chores around the house can burn calories and build muscles? Several studies have revealed that various household chores are very good medium-intensity cardiovascular or strength-training exercises. So why not plan your chores in a way that allows you to do them in succession to increase heart rate and work your major muscle groups? Even better, put on your favourite music and get your groove on.

Here are five household chores that will give you a good sweat session and muscle burner:

1. Mopping and sweeping

Thoroughly sweeping then mopping the floors for 30 minutes can burn 145 calories, which is equivalent to 15 minutes on the treadmill. And cleaning the entire house takes more than 30 minutes, so add up the amount of calories you’ll burn, while feeling those muscles work.

2. Gardening

Working in the garden – weeding, planting, repotting, pruning – for 30 minutes can burn 213 calories, which is the same as 45 minutes of cycling on flat terrain. Digging works your arms, shoulders and abdominals, so it’s great for an all-round workout. Of course, it will definitely take more than 30 minutes to create that neat, beautiful space, so think of the great exercise you’re getting.

And get this: cutting the grass with a regular push mower can burn 325 calories an hour!

3. Scrubbing the bath

Removing soap scum from your tub with a bit of added elbow grease for 15 minutes can burn up to 100 calories, which is the same as 30 jumping squats. This chore is great for toning arms and shoulder muscles. Imagine if you have more than one bathroom to scrub.

4. Doing the laundry

Loading and unloading the washing machine, hanging up the clothes and putting them away, can burn 78 calories in an hour, which is the same as doing 100 sit-ups. You can torch up to 10 times more calories and really work your arm muscles if you hand wash your laundry.

5. Cleaning the windows

Spending an hour cleaning those very dirty windows throughout the house can burn 334 calories and build strong arms, which is the same as 40 push-ups.