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Hell in the hills

Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A fire brigade official observes, from the safety of the Mavis Bank main road.
This man tries to prevent the fire from destroying his banana trees by saturating them with water.
The wind fans the flames, sending the fire close to the Mavis Bank main road.
Fire laps everything in its path, reaching the roadside in Guava Ridge on the Mavis Bank main road in St Andrew.
Employing a different technology.
Fire consumes trees as it heads towards a building in the background, in Gordon Castle, Llandewey, St Thomas.
These youngsters stand ready with buckets of water to douse the bush fire that has been raging in St Thomas for more than a week.
Residents discuss the destruction in western St Thomas.

FOR MORE than a week, fire has been raging in the hills surrounding Gordon Castle, Llandewey, St Thomas, and Mavis Bank in rural St Andrew, destroying crops and killing animals in its path. Here are scenes from the devastation.