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Published:Friday | November 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Guessing game

The Lady has even those in her party guessing, but it seems only she and her Master knows for sure, and the window is closing, so it appears Jamaicans will not vote until after Christmas.


Losing ground

Claims about the latest polls were not taken seriously when the man from the East, who is known for crying wolf, first made the allegation, but now persons in the know are saying one house lost seven percentage points in two independent private polls. Could this be the reason for the delay?


Real Big Man

It seems to have been forgotten by many that earlier this year, the big plot was about getting hitmen to take out the Leader. Now, one of those wrongfully accused of the plot has taken to the stage to endorse the Leader. That's a real Big Man.


Bad comedy

They claimed he would soon be charged, but with the police saying they have no reports, it appears that this was just another plot similar to the hitman's claim, and they don't even know how to write a good comedy.


Of castles and mansions

A house is as good as a home, especially when the poor constituents can get to gaze on it and pay homage to the clouds above it, but many who are pointing to the mansion on the hillside have their castles in South Florida.