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My view on the Throne Speech: Measures to provide strong foundations for economic growth

Published:Thursday | April 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Shannique Rhoden

It is important to note that economic growth is the main focus going forward.

Economic growth rests on five pillars: macroeconomic stability, a better business climate, environment management, social reforms to improve equity, and good governance.

The main tenets of today's Throne Speech were delivered on these foundations.

Human capital assets are important in pursuit of economic growth.

The governor general

outlined that the Government will focus on expanding

the Career Advancement Programme, which will give youngsters an opportunity to progress through education. With Jamaica's literacy rate at 87.9 per cent, the move towards full literacy will be heightened as a better educated and trained populace will transfer flexibility and increased productivity to the workplace.

Among other key highlights, infrastructure development will take place in St Catherine and Montego Bay, which will see construction of just over 400 new houses.

Subsequently, $250 million will go towards new garbage-collection trucks. In addition, another $10 million will go towards a new irrigation system in St Elizabeth, along with the establishment of new agro-parks.

Legislation towards fixed election dates, impeachment legislation, and establishment of an anti-corruption body will ensure a move towards transparency in government.

These measures will provide strong foundations for economic growth if executed by the administration.

The agenda outlined today is an ambitious one, but it is not one forged in isolation. It is then up to the members of the Senate, in partnership with the Jamaican people, to make this move towards a prosperous future and sustainable economic growth.

- Shannique Rhoden