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What if your man was stealthing with a sex worker?

Published:Sunday | September 22, 2019 | 12:00 AM

* Simone, 37, married five years, counsellor

I would be disgusted at the thought that he would have sex with a prostitute without a condom, especially with STD on the rampage. He is obviously looking for gratification that I cannot give him and seems suicidal, if you ask me. The risk taking and thrill he seeks could be the death of me. If raw sex and ‘feeling the flesh’ is more important than what we have, then I would call it quits and leave if he has to step out like that.

* Anna, 30’s, dating, educator

“I would be concerned that he is out having sex any at all when it is always available to him at home. But more importantly, I would certainly be concerned if he is having sex outa road without a condom, given the fact that several of these sexually transmitted diseases are incurable. However, if he has to use it at home, then it might be OK if he doesn’t use it outside because I will not be leaving myself open to anything he might get out there.