Tue | Dec 7, 2021

Bogues, hailed for holding all accountable, passes on

Published:Monday | February 22, 2021 | 12:17 AMEdmond Campbell/Senior Staff Reporter

Greta Bogues, 62, a stalwart in corporate governance, is dead.

Members of the combined private-sector bodies are struggling to come to grips with the sudden passing on Sunday of a woman described as a servant to Jamaica and a “treasure”.

Officials of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), of which Bogues served as interim chief executive officer, said they were “tremendously saddened” by her untimely passing.

“Greta was committed to, and evoked, excellence in those with whom she worked,” said Keith Duncan, president of the PSOJ.

“She was a stalwart in the private sector and a servant to Jamaica who could be relied on to give her all in any effort with which she was tasked.”

The PSOJ head said that Bogues was a woman of an indomitable spirit who led with distinction, enabling partnerships and building multilateral and multisectoral alliances for national development.

A doyenne of corporate governance, Bogues was a certified trainer in that field who worked tirelessly to strengthen both public- and private-sector entities.

As founding chair of the PSOJ’s Corporate Governance Committee, Duncan said that Bogues forged a legacy in the field, imbuing others with her passion through training.

Her penchant for service extended to her involvement on numerous public- and private-sector boards as well as philanthropic efforts.

Richard Pandohie, president of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA), hailed Bogues as a “true leader who, throughout her career,s kept shattering glass ceilings”.

“The JMEA salutes this amazing stalwart who has served as an inspiration for many, including the export industry, when she served as a board director for the Jamaica Exporters Association,” Pandohie said.

He described Bogues as a person of the highest integrity and ethical standards and a storehouse of expertise on corporate governance.

In her remarks, Sharon Wolfe, Bogues’ sister, said her sibling was a wonderful person who gave 110 per cent when asked to carry out any task.

“She was loyal; she was a mentor, especially to a lot of the young women in the private sector,” Wolfe said. “She held everybody accountable including herself.”

Echoing her propensity for dedicated service, former PSOJ President Howard Mitchell said that Bogues was a champion.

“It’s a great personal loss, and it is a great loss to civil society and Jamaica, and we will miss her personally and professionally,” Mitchell said.

Yesterday, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) also paid tribute to Bogues.

“Over several years, she worked to develop the directors’ tools to support strategic board oversight in both the private and public sectors,” the commission said.

The BCJ, like many other public- and private-sector bodies, benefited greatly from her expertise, working closely with Bogues to modernise the BCJ’s corporate governance framework.

Bogues’ professional experience spanned the financial industry, non-profit, education, and the distribution and manufacturing sector. She served as the first female CEO of the combined secretariat of the PSOJ, the Jamaica Exporters Association, and the Jamaica Bankers Association in 2001.

She returned to the PSOJ at a critical juncture in 2020 to serve as interim CEO, spearheading a number of initiatives as part of the organisation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.