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Witness details Beachy Stout's complaints about wife's affair with cop

Published:Thursday | September 28, 2023 | 12:28 AMTanesha Mundle/Staff Reporter -
Everton McDonald, otherwise known as 'Beachy Stout'.

A policeman who was allegedly having an affair with the second wife of Portland businessman Everton 'Beachy Stout' McDonald had reportedly posted a picture on Facebook of himself inside the businessman's bedroom.

The policeman was also reportedly posting different pictures weekly on his Facebook page, which McDonald felt was disgracing him.

But, when McDonald reportedly confronted his wife Tonia about the situation, she remained mum, the court heard.

A former employee of the businessman made the revelation yesterday in the Home Circuit Court as he continued his testimony in the murder trial of McDonald and his co-accused, Oscar Barnes.

Both are charged in connection with Tonia's July 20, 2020 murder.

Her partially burnt body was found with her throat slashed inside her car along a deserted road in Sherwood Forest in Portland.

The witness, who claimed he was McDonald's right-hand man, testified that the businessman had often accused his wife of cheating with different men and had asked him one day, "You did know say she have man wey a police?"

But the man, who had worked as a packer and security guard at McDonald's supermarket, said he was clueless.

The witness, however, recalled an occasion in 2020 when the businessman confronted his wife about the policeman and demanded that she delete her Facebook account.

"You need to to get rid of the Facebook page. You need to get rid of the Facebook account because it a bring disgrace pon me.

"Yuh nuh see de bwoy have it every week a put up a different picture and de bwoy have di mind fi a come threaten me," the witness remembered his ex-boss telling his wife.

"How him get pictures of mi bedroom if yuh nuh carry him inna mi bedroom, and a post it up on Facebook?" the witness further recalled McDonald grilling his wife.

The witness said Tonia had remained silent, but her husband told her, "A dem yah careless life you waa live fi de whole world see and a disgrace mi name."

McDonald also told his wife to end her friendship with a particular female and to change her phone number.

Before that encounter, the witness said McDonald had complained to him that he was tired of his wife disgracing his name and that he was unable to walk with his head held high because of her.

The witness testified that McDonald later showed himself and another worker several nude pictures of his wife, on a computer at work.

The witness claimed he was reluctant to look but was ordered to view the salacious pictures in which, he said, Tonia's private parts were exposed.

Continuing, he said a fuming McDonald cursed that his wife was walking around and exposing herself like an animal.

As they flipped through the pictures, the witness said he saw pictures of Tonia and the policeman, which were taken while he was naked in his bathroom and she was in the bath, as well as a picture of them out together drinking.

"A dem yah r#@%c#$$ she waa go do and spend off me money mind policeman and him no waa her, a just me money him waa," the witness recollected McDonald saying cursing.

After flipping to more pictures, the witness said, McDonald continued cursing, saying, "Look yah a dem careless gal tings yah."

The witness further testified that McDonald told him that he was going to shoot and kill the policeman but later informed him that he was going to disfigure his face with a corrosive substance.

The witnesses said McDonald told him about the change in plans after complaining that the policeman had reported him for the threat.

"Mi caa shoot him again so mi a go get somebody fi deal wid him face mek she and him live wid dem one aneda wen mi done deal wid fi har face too," the witness recalled McDonald saying.

According to the witness, McDonald later sent to purchase two containers of a corrosive substance, and had even tested the substance on his left wrist.

Meanwhile, the witness further testified that McDonald had kept a tight track of his wife's movements and had even indicated that he was going to have her followed.

The witness said that, in July 2020, Tonia would often leave for Kingston, and her husband, who was concerned that she was leaving in the mornings and returning at nights, wanted to know what was detaining her there.

The Court also heard from the witness that McDonald would often send him to check the banks in the parish to ensure she was there and, on one occasion, had sent him to Junction in St Mary to search for her.

The witness will resume his testimony today in the Home Circuit Court, before Justice Chester Stamp.