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Walk of fame for Beijing athletics greats

Published:Thursday | September 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am recommending that instead of dishing out more national awards to our athletes following the recent performances in Beijing, as has been suggested by so many, a Champions Walk of Fame (similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame for movie stars) be created at the Independence Park complex.

A 'star' in the form of a national medal for athletic achievement could be designed and set for each athlete in this walk of fame, and maybe the footprints of each deserving athlete be also considered and added. Clear and specific criteria would be developed to inform qualification for inclusion in this walk.

Our athletes are performing so well, and our development programmes so good, that, if we are not careful, very soon there will be so many athletes who will be heading to King's House annually to collect awards.

There is nothing wrong with getting a national award, and this should not be ruled out for our athletes, but I believe a walk of fame dedicated to athletes would serve better to record the achievements of the athletes for posterity and lessen the debate after each championship (World or Olympic) on how high achievers should be honoured.


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