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Obscene blackmail by MoBay Chamber

Published:Monday | September 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Gloria Henry, a businesswoman and president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has taken centre stage in the September 3, 2015 edition of The Gleaner for her less-than-complimentary views of Chinese businesses in the Second City.

She bemoans the lack of contribution towards development that comes from this group and further threatens a boycott of their businesses if they don't shape up. I suspect that Ms Henry doesn't speak for cash-strapped Montegonians, who constantly have to seek economic reprieve (bargains) from wherever it comes, nor is she aware that blackmailing legitimate businesses to secure contribution sounds a lot like extortion.

A chamber of commerce that has not articulated its objectives in a convincing manner has only itself to blame when businesses are less than enthusiastic to jump on board, especially when historical evidence seems to suggest that there is always more planning than action that takes place at the Chamber of Commerce. Further, it smacks of hypocrisy to single out Chinese businesses for attacks when so many of our own are guilty of many of the said practices she bemoans.

It would be instructive that Ms Henry reminisce on the recent xenophobic violence in South Africa and thus engage in creative problem-solving techniques than spend precious time stirring a pot that will benefit no one.