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Prison gift or Trojan horse?

Published:Wednesday | September 30, 2015 | 11:03 AM

Prison gift or Trojan horse?


Twenty-five million pounds prison gift.

Why do I feel that we're being set up here? I can't help thinking "Trojan Horse". We're not even worth the dignity of a civil conversation about redressing the ills of the past. No, we're only worth being used as a prison location. And, much like slavery could only have thrived as it did in the past with the cooperation of Africans who turned on each other as they cooperated with the slave traders, we today are suffering from lackey, self-serving leadership that seems more flabbergasted by this seemingly unexpected call from the fields to being nothing but a house slave.

Now is when there'll be justification to emulate the current trend in the US to declare war on political correctness. Now is when I'd love some of the brawn of the esteemed counsel, K. D. Knight, to tell this man to "Pack your bag and go".

And mark my words, I have no problem with the British Prime Minister - he's doing his job, and taking care of his business. I only wish our politicians would do theirs. I only wish our politicians would accept that we are Jamaica - BRAND JAMAICA! We have great value as a nation. Our people are bright and talented. WE ARE NOT A CHARITY CASE - except in so far as we don't wish to take responsibility for our destiny and produce what we consume, and consume what we produce. Nobody will do business with us without deriving great benefit. We have what to take to the table.

I'm not naive, there's evil in the world. You can't refuse this offer without serious consequence (chiefly economical). But we must weigh what will be the greater consequence: coping with the social miscreants their society has created, or taking responsibility. The journey to a desired place could be quicker with help from a more prosperous society, but please - not at the expense of our national dignity.

Charles Evans

College of Business and Management

Northern Caribbean University