Tue | Jan 25, 2022

Little confidence in the courts

Published:Tuesday | May 30, 2017 | 3:42 PM


Distrust among the masses for the justice system is well-known. From the first respondent, the police, to the ultimate arbitrator, the appellate court, there is little confidence in its ability to dispense equity according to the rule of law.

If you should talk to the ordinary man on the street, he exudes disdain for police, lawyers and judges. It would be rather remiss of me not to postulate the fact that there exist citizens who view the justice system negatively by virtue of what they hear rather than actual experiences.

The mindset of many members of the judiciary has proven to be a significant encumbrance to the dispensation of fair justice according to the rule of law.

Therefore, while Justice Square and other initiatives of the Governments are important, unless there is equity and fair play, justice for the poor will only be seen as a heavenly dream.



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