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Cultural education urgent

Published:Wednesday | March 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Peter Bunting, in trying to defend what is to me indefensible, shows that there is much work to be done with respect to cultural and historical education in this country.

Bunting claimed that The Gleaner misrepresented the tone and context of his remarks on him saying that Dr Nigel Clarke reminded him of the black Englishman of colonial times who aspired to be sort of black royalty

That is nonsense!

The preamble with him and Garnet Roper set up the context for what he was trying do. Roper was the one pushing Bunting by saying that Dr Clarke did not have the pedigree as his reputation would suggest. That to me needs to further contextualisation.

Both Bunting and Rev Roper should apologise for the remark and stop being arrogant.

It matters not if the video was published a year ago or yesterday, the date of the wrozng does not make it right.

It is not an absurd suggestion that your video was an attempt to belittle Dr Clarke.

The mere fact that Bunting was making reference to Dr Clarke wanting to seek black royal shows you the path in which he was going.

It is dangerous, it is offensive and he should apologise.

Ivy Gordon