Sat | Nov 27, 2021

Female athletes will be robbed of fair competition

Published:Tuesday | March 9, 2021 | 12:06 AM


As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I can’t help but notice that the Biden administration has cancelled women’s high-school sports with the stroke of a pen. High-school women’s sport was demolished as Biden signed an executive order allowing transgender to compete in female races. One would have thought that the feminists would have come forward to denounce this; instead, we get a stony silence from them. World-famous female athletes have not said anything, as they too may be subject to social media abuse.

Females have worked very hard to be taken seriously in sports and if this dictate is not overturned, it will impact scholarships, records and earnings. How can this subject not be controversial? A transgender mixed martial arts fighter in 2019 fractured the skull of a biological female opponent. What will happen to female wrestling and boxing? It is going to be brutal!

Mark my words, male athletes who may not be able to reach the quarter finals in the male category, will certainly be winning all the medals in the female races.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, spare a thought for female athletes who may be facing a very uncertain future.