Fri | Jan 28, 2022

Mixed messages on fighting virus

Published:Thursday | March 11, 2021 | 12:10 AM


Yesterday was the first anniversary of the first COVID-19 case being recorded in Jamaica.

I am concerned that there hasn’t been a decrease in cases in comparison with neighbouring countries. Is the Government really doing enough to ensure the safety of the country?

Bars, restaurants, supermarkets, illegal parties, wholesale stores, among others, are still being bombarded with numerous numbers of individuals. The security forces are focused on getting people off the streets by the nightly curfews, yet commuters are still mingling at daytime. Sending citizens home at night won’t stop the spread of the virus when the work is already completed in the day.

While church services are allowed 10 individuals per gathering for online services – despite how large a church building may be, weddings are allowed 25 persons.

Shouldn’t the place of refuge be allowed more individuals per gatherings, while complying with safety protocols? It has also been brought to my attention that even the transportation services greatly contribute to the spread of the virus. Taxis are still jam-packed and buses are still being filled to capacity. Where’s the social distancing in these situations?


Orangefield, Linstead

St Catherine