Tue | May 18, 2021

Condom culture contributes to abuse of women and children

Published:Monday | April 19, 2021 | 12:08 AM


We have become accustomed to hearing the condom ad with the jingle “do it for your best life”. The downside, of course, is when the ‘number one’ finds out there is a ‘number two, three, four, etc’. The turmoil of heartbreak follows because trust is broken. The conclusion is that each couple requires each other’s partner to be sexually faithful. Society often overlooks the correlation of the condom culture with permissiveness which is extended to the abuse of women and children.

As sexual beings, man and woman are naturally attracted to each other. This mutual attraction and response are described as sensuality. But, sensual expression must respect and acknowledge a person as more valuable than their body. When the focus is directed only towards the body, without acknowledging the person, such attraction is described as lust. Lust does not value personhood, and ultimately leads to abusing and hurting others.

Sensuality is one of two primary appetites of man and woman. The other is food. These appetites are instinctive, and are compulsive because they are aimed at preservation. Sensuality is a desire for sex aimed at the preservation of the human species through reproduction. The desire for food is aimed at personal preservation through a diet of nutrients for sustenance. However, the instinctive and compulsive nature of these appetites must be managed so that they are controlled in expression. If we fail to manage our appetite for food, there are multiple health challenges to deal with. Similarly, if we fail to manage our sexual appetite, we have personal health challenges with sexually transmitted diseases, and social challenges related to rape; incest; sexual abuse of children; unwanted pregnancies, leading to abortions; infidelity; and the break up of families/marriages, where children bear the brunt of the pain.


Sensuality is a spontaneous, natural reflex action that is not an evil thing. However, sensuality and sexual expression that is not managed responsibly is evil. For our best life, we must promote the value of personhood, rather than sexual permissiveness that gives free reign to the instinctive expression to our sexual appetite.

To diminish the ever-growing sexual abuse of our women and children, promote the value of the human person, rather than “use a condom every time”. Promote the value that every person must never be an object for use and abuse. Let’s do it for our best life!


Archbishop of Kingston