Sun | Jul 25, 2021

We salute G7 nations

Published:Friday | June 18, 2021 | 1:03 AM


What the G7 nations have been doing recently is a turn of fortune for developing countries like Jamaica. The route previously not taken or pursued by these rich nations in helping the poor nations in getting the requisite vaccination to help them counter the effects of the virus is more to save, I suppose, humanity. My hesitancy supposedly comes from the many theories of ethnic cleansing and other inhumane acts of injustice by elite groups. My hesitancy is not an indication that I am so stoic about the resultant back-to-normal drive to save the planet from utter disaster.

The powerful nations have caused great suffering in less financially viable nations which depend on the generosity of these affluent nations. The aim now is to minimise death among the less developed countries and make the world feel safe once more from the recent burgeoning death tolls, although the rich nations were never proactive in helping the poor nations and rather reactive in their quest to get ascendency and stability. As it is currently, it seems there won’t be a third wave for us in Jamaica if we follow protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

I guess the worst is behind us so we will have to put standard procedures in place and we will be OK in due course. We are a great people and our resilience shows every time we are caught up in a sticky situation. The prowess within the dynamics of the never-say-die attitude of our people makes us winners. It is not too late to salute the G7 nations for their acts of kindness, though a bit late in coming.