Mon | Aug 2, 2021

Lock them up!

Published:Thursday | July 22, 2021 | 12:06 AM


AS A Jamaican who loves my country and the people, I think I possess the requisite peace of mind to declare that anybody within our borders found with an illegal gun should get a mandatory 22 years in prison. Every form of ammunition found, depending on the dangerousness of it, should get at least another year. I am saying this because I want my country to be a better place to raise children, get a career and live. My life is a testimony of how we should behave because of my life of over 60 years without ever touching a real gun. I can safely say this. Gunwomen and gun gals plus gunmen and gun boys fi go to jail and spend their time.

The bloodletting is too much. It seems as if we are on a killing spree. We are running out of ideas so some draconian measures might just work. Just as they did in countries like Singapore and Japan. Many are going to cry out now against police brutality and say all sorts of things. But if you are not a police, a soldier, or a security guard, or licensed firearm holder, what are you doing with a gun?

We can do well without those like you and lock you up and throw away the keys.