Sat | Jul 2, 2022

Complex issues of pro-choice and pro-life

Published:Saturday | May 14, 2022 | 12:05 AM


The important difference between the view of the pro-choice and the pro-life depends on the same principle – the establishment, or proof, of a human life. That must be so, because even a pro-choice person would agree that unfairly taking the life of any human being merits possibly equal punishment.

To bypass such rule to then contemplate freedom of choice, would be similar to using a conclusion to discredit the premise, where the freedom of choice validates its own self. It is ludicrous to defend a matter without presenting the value of what is being defended.

Therefore, if choosing abortion is similar to having a tooth extraction, such freedom, apparently, is exercised without intruding on another’s right to differ if they could. But, is choosing to have an abortion merely an individual or personal matter?

There are several existing documented evidence showing that the human life begins from a very early stage of conception – almost like a person compressed into a capsule state, and waiting to explode or unfold into its several features that are already diagrammed and secured. It is also true that the embryo is viewed, as by the mother’s body, as a foreign object – a separate being that is protected only by the delicate haven that the womb provides, and which abortion actually invades.

In reality, an abortion could become very much like discarding the baby while holding on to the cleansing bathwater that a moral justification may provide. There are more evidence that support the uncertain age that makes the unborn a human being, than there are for any precise separation of human life from just passive or indifferent tissues.

If the distinction between mere tissues and an individual remains so nebulous in the womb, those opting for an abortion are actuality using the freedom to validate a choice, instead of the choice being used to validate such freedom.