Sun | Dec 3, 2023

Give death penalty to murderers

Published:Saturday | July 2, 2022 | 12:06 AM


It is unfortunate but most of the crimes that are being committed in Jamaica are being done by the young people; and many of these young people are displaying the badman attitude. We should not forget what a former teacher, Mervis Henry, said some time ago: “Young people have mind problems; they need to fix their minds from the evil mentality.” And they ought to stop listening to violent music.

Iran is one of the countries that executes juvenile offenders, imagine that! I doubt if Iran has ever been a murder capital like Jamaica, and yet the death penalty has always implemented in that country.

Every Jamaican should be in full support with DPP Paula Llewellyn’s call for the death penalty for the man who slaughtered a young woman and her four children. From 1980 and beyond, Jamaica has been rampant with crime and violence, resulting in countless deaths; and these are not deaths of chickens but precious human lives.

Give me a good reason why many people are opposing the death penalty. Is it inhumane or too cruel? If yes, then let me ask you this: The brutal murders of stabbing deaths and the killings by machetes are not inhumane and cruel too? Don’t make yourselves look like fools to this.

Preventing criminals accused of violent crimes from getting the death penalty is also preventing these people from feeling the sting of death that they deserve. Those who are against what I said are very selfish and unjust. Give him the death penalty so that he, too, will feel the sting of death.

In some places when the ‘gunbwoys’ and the crime monster raise their ugly heads, we turn to the states of emergency, which seems to be our only solution in getting crime and violence under control, and they deliver us. When we have to call out the military and the police, in a state of emergency, when the crime ‘tun up’, we should also have the death penalty for people who are accused of heinous crimes. This is important in a country which is operating like the ‘wild, wild west’.

All I am saying is for God Almighty’s sake, stop feeding criminals of violent crimes on taxpayers money; stop making them comfortable. Stop! Get rid of them; hang them high!