Tue | Mar 28, 2023

A brewing nuclear catastrophe

Published:Saturday | November 26, 2022 | 12:06 AM


This is with reference to the editorial titled ‘Rich countries morally obliged to pay’ published on Wednesday, November 23. While climate change and its consequences have been extensively documented, not much is said about a nuclear catastrophe that is brewing. No one knows when Russia will reach the point that it will have to resort to using its nuclear arsenal. In the meanwhile, Iran is accelerating its enrichment programme and the United States has vows that Iran will not be allowed to reach weapons grade enrichment. In all of this the UN seems to be helpless!

The only way, it seems, to stop Iran is for the US, and Israel, who has nuclear weapons, which they deny, to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. That would surely trigger World War III and all climate change sacrifices will become useless because there would be no Earth left to protect. Yet, we are largely concerned with changes as a result of man’s intellectual progress and use of natural resources.

The Russia-Ukraine war has had an enormous impact on the world. Just imagine what will happen if nuclear bombs are unleashed. Meanwhile, China and North Korea are in the wings taking notes.

Sounds bleak? Only time will tell.


Via Gleaner Online