Tue | Dec 5, 2023

Readers’ reactions

Published:Friday | September 29, 2023 | 12:05 AM

Accident survivor wants new highway leg closed after cow crash

“How can these cows go roaming, ain’t the owners not concerned about praedial larceny?” – @ForeveryoungFi1

“The authorities need to close all roads in Jamaica until the infrastructure is put in place to stop crashes.” – @Gaddaffione

“I would so love to blame the Gov’t and China Harbour for negligence, but there is proof that people are stealing some of the fences erected. As a nation, can we have some sense and stop being selfish? The same fence you steal may be the reason you lose your life. SMH.” – @ItzJust_Ren

“We understand the fence issue, but why no lights?” – @LolaluvBeach

“So, avoid the new highway in the night? Got it!” – @ShekeriaJo

“Not catching me on this road at night.” – @gunnerbeeks

“If that is the standard, then practically every road that runs through rural Jamaica will be closed, because you have had unsecured cows causing accidents all over. The issue is, farmers allowing their animals to roam free on our roads. If your unleashed dog attacks someone, there are now laws to prosecute the owner; farmers should be held liable, both criminally and civilly, if their animals cause an accident. Authorities should confiscate cows found roaming around, slaughter them and donate the meat to hospitals and schools. Owners would then think twice about letting them loose. If you don’t have adequate pasturelands, you have no business farming cows!” – @otonyx

“I’m going to say this, and I have seen it happen before. Where I live we have the free leg of the highway, which is in Old Harbour to Bodles, and I must tell you, the cows used to go across the highway before it was fenced and there were multiple accidents because of strays. The highway needed fence before it [was] opened to the public because, whether night or day, cows or stray animals are going to cause a lot of accidents. – @flames2444

“Can’t close the road, but various other things can be done in light of this. The road needs to be fenced and properly lit; owners of these animals should be held to account; and for crying out loud, the drivers need to slow down.” – @prynceromario

“Agreed! The road is so poorly lit. It is not suitable for motorists just yet. Why was there the rush to open it when the proper infrastructure is not yet in place, i.e., signs, light, and fencing to keep animals off the road?” – @byjaninekelson

Readers’ reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Instagram and X, formerly Twitter, pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.