Sun | Sep 26, 2021

5 self care tips

Published:Thursday | February 23, 2017 | 1:59 PM

It is said that if you don't care for yourself then you can't care for others.  

So how do we go about exercising a little self care in our lives? Well, that all depends on your interests. Let the tips below function as a self care guide just for you.

1. Meditation and devotion gives you the opportunity to really focus on you and tap into your inner peace.

2. Yoga, dance, sports or exercise will assist in releasing those endorphins and relaxing the mind and body. Find one that you like and MAKE the time for it.

3. A hot bath is always a great way to unwind and give your body the opportunity to unwind from a hard day’s work and ease the muscles of tension that might have built up during the day.

4. Journaling is also a great way to gather and make sense of your thoughts. Sometimes jotting them down makes all the difference, so let that stream of thoughts loose from your brain to the pen and paper.

5. Be creative — get an adult colouring book, or if you are artistic take a class to facilitate that hobby. It is a very rewarding feeling when you have created something.