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Five reasons to run for Global Running Day

Published:Wednesday | June 7, 2017 | 3:17 PM
White on one of her daily runs.-Contributed

Today is no ordinary day. It’s Global Running Day, so take the time to enjoy the numerous benefits of a good run. Ever wonder why running is essential? Well, personal trainer Patrice White, who is also an avid runner, gives us five reasons to run today and every day.

1. It's the perfect stress reliever: You may have a job that's tedious and stressful. Running is a very effective way to relieve stress.

2. Burn calories: Excess caloric intake can cause weight gain. Running is a great way to burn calories and keep your weight in check.

3. Running strengths your heart: A healthy heart is essential - after all it is what keeps us going. Running increases the blood flow in the heart which pumps blood throughout the body. Running helps to strengthen the  heart to keep you going longer.

4.To explore the world: There’s a lot you can discover while running, things you may never have noticed before or even know is there. Running can take you places.

5.To build mental strength: Running helps to reduce depression, reduces anxiety, improves sleep, increases appetite, encourages social interaction, and most importantly it gives you a purpose.