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Tropical Blue water is here

Published:Sunday | October 5, 2014 | 4:44 PMKeisha Hill
Contributed Photo The range of Tropical Blue Spring Water now available.

Drinking water is the best way to keep hydrated and help maintain concentration and alertness in adults. Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water has been in operation since January 2005 and was previously managed by Verson Distributors with MikiAyana Company Limited acquiring the brand two years ago. Over time, the brand has built significant market share in the western end of the Jamaica, however, since acquisition by MikiAyana the brand has become more visible in other areas as well.

According to Sian Scott-Archibald, sales and promotions manager, Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water has zero calories and offers a crisp, clean taste with all the benefits of proper hydration.

"Our spring water is abstracted at the source in the Don Figueroa Mountains and transported to the MikiAyana Company Limited bottling facility in Lititz, St Elizabeth, by huge food-grade stainless steel, 5,000 gallon tanks. The water is meticulously tested and all contaminants removed before bottling takes place," Scott-Archibald said.

The water source is located in the foothills of the Don Figueroa Mountain range that stretches from the parish of Manchester to St Elizabeth and is located in the Cabbage Valley area of St Elizabeth, Jamaica. This area has the second-highest rainfall in Jamaica next to the world-renowned Blue Mountains.

"All our products are 100 per cent natural spring water (no minerals added) and are packaged under the supervision of trained managers and technicians who are all certified by the Ministry of Health. Our production facility is also approved by the Government of Jamaica, Ministry of Health, Bureau of Standards Jamaica, the Ministry of Labour and NEPA and our bottled water constantly meets and exceeds both regional and global standards (pH,TDS, Coliform) for bottled water," Scott-Archibald said.

Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water's current product portfolios include packages in the single serve (8 oz, 16 oz) and take home (1 litre, 1 gallon or five gallon) packages. In addition, they also produce flavoured juice drinks in eight-ounce packages all made from the same spring water. These are sold in quantities of 100 units per case in assorted flavours including grape, kola champagne, cream soda, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, orange and pineapple.

"Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water differentiates itself through it distinct packaging - light misty blue bottles which are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it also gives us the advantage of reduced effect of ultra violet rays on the product and, increases the shelf life. We offer consistently high-quality products sourced from a location which is far away from any residential or commercial activities," Scott-Archibald said.

According to Scott-Archibald, the company's marketing efforts have not been launched full scale but their marketing efforts will include a combination of media advertising, promotions and personal selling.

"Central to the company's marketing and communication strategy will be the theme: Tropical Blue Natural Spring Water - Nature's Bounty in a Bottle. On a smaller scale, we will continue to give to events and activities geared toward youth and community development," Scott-Archibald said.