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Islington High celebrates week of excellence

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 8:38 AMOrantes Moore
Business studies tutor at Islington High School in St Mary, Romean Doyle, was voted ‘Teacher of the Year’ during their Week of Excellence earlier this month.
Some of the top students at Islington High School in St Mary (from left): Maurice Morrison, Samantha Darlington, Rayon Walters, Dahlia Douglas, Shantel Paisley, Royan Medley, Kenroy Panton and Christian Senior.

Pupils and staff at Islington High School in St Mary hosted an open day and awards ceremony last week as part of a series of events aimed at boosting confidence and to showcase the work of gifted students under the theme 'Excellence Knows No Boundaries'.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, which venerated outstanding achievements in academics, sports, and the performing arts throughout the previous school year, the Ministry of Education's representative for St Mary, Yashieka Blackwood-Grant, claimed the school's Week of Excellence initiative was both necessary and inspirational.

She told Rural Xpress: "Events like this are important because schools exist for students to learn, so it's important that we celebrate those who are making strides and optimal use of their time at the institution.

"Also, this is one of the schools we're trying to turn around, so today is important because we want more positive messages for the students. We want them to celebrate their achievements and feel better about themselves, and this week has provided an opportunity to pause and reflect on how they have progressed."

Islington High's business studies tutor and grade 10 supervisor, Romean Doyle, who was voted Teacher of the Year, said: "I really did not expect to receive this award, but it's wonderful because it's so important that we highlight our talented students and some of the good things happening here. "This is a great school, with very warm and loving staff who help to make this place special. We are each other's biggest supporters."

improving passes

Doyle, who has worked at the school for the best part of a decade, added: "Looking ahead, you can expect wonderful things from us in the future, particularly in terms of improving our passes and entries at the CXC level."

Other award recipients included five members of staff who have served at the school for more than 25 years; and students Samantha Darlington, 13, and Christian Senior, 19, who both collected 'Top Student' trophies.

Senior, who received an additional award for his outstanding performance in six subjects, including science, accounts and business, said: "The awards ceremony is good because it gives us a chance to show the progress and improvements we have made in our areas of study. I am working real hard and think today will help to boost my confidence in terms of achieving future goals. After I have passed my CXC subjects, I'm hoping to gain a scholarship to a university, where I can further my studies and eventually become an accountant."

Darlington, who plans to study either law or medicine when she leaves school, collected two awards for her work in grade seven. She said: "Today was good because I got what I was working for and so did others. I worked very hard and put all my efforts into studying, and if I continue on this path, I'll be accepting awards every year."

The event's guest speaker, manager at NCB Bank in Port Maria Leon Drysdale, said: "The week of events at Islington High has been fantastic and very important because it highlights excellence and keeps students motivated, and that's good because we want to see them succeed in all their endeavours."