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Our kids need a champion

Published:Wednesday | May 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMAva Ramdeen

Child-prostitution and human-trafficking ring? What is happening in Clarendon? Why is this happening so often there? In the last year or so, it seems that the greater percentage of such crimes and child murders had at least their genesis in Clarendon.

A lot of questions need to be asked, one of which should be, what makes the young of this parish so appealing to the perpetuators of such practices? What makes these kids more prone than in other parts of the country? Where are its concerned citizens? What are they doing about all this?

We try to blame the Government when the wheels come off like this, but what can they do if the citizens take these cases lightly and don't bring them chagrined and in earnest to the attention of relative authorities? How can the authorities be blamed for not attending to things they know nothing about? By the time they hear it from the media, like the rest of us, the horse has long gone through the gate and, every so often, the child is dead. Murdered!

These scum buckets live to prey another day. Dead men tell no tales, they say. But live people can. In many or most of these cases, it turns out that someone was in the know, or, at least, had an inkling that something was amiss, awry, askew. Why wait until the press gets wind of it before they admit to knowing? Don't they feel a responsibility for the lives and welfare of these innocent kids? In my estimation, when it is certifiable that someone had previous clues and/or actual knowledge of these dire situations and did nothing, they are criminals and should be made accountable under law. They should be charged under some special new legal provision going something like 'reckless endangerment of a minor: withholding facts and/or material evidence'.

We no longer

nurture and protect

We have ceased to be our brother's keeper, and it's our innocents who are suffering the most for it. In the long run, it will be our funeral, whether we want to admit it or not. Along with that is the fact that we don't seem to have mothers and fathers in our culture and society at large anymore, but rather dancehall kings and queens, dons and 'donettes'. We no longer work as a community to nurture and protect our young. It is not our governments that have changed. It's us. We have become a nation largely comprised of confused, lickey-lickey lumpens, with our driving force being to see who can wear the most outrageous b***y riders, gold teeth and heaviest rope chains. I refrain from saying gold because I refuse to believe that any man, or woman, can watch his children starve while he parties, primps and parades with such a piece of prime real estate round his pudgy neck. No one has the time to stay home and ensure the welfare and education of their kids anymore because they are too busy preparing for the next dance or 'skinout'.

We have grown to expect the Government to grow our kids, not realising and coming to grips with the fact that government is an institution, not a person. Government represents us. It legislates for us. It forms infrastructure for us. It does that for us collectively, as a nation and not a village. It is not its duty to train our kids and inculcate morals in them. No doubt these marauding savages who are preying on these young ones were mostly raised by similar sperm donors who absconded at will and who only turn up for the big show when one of their offspring distinguishes themselves in one way or another. Not just the men. Many women are doing the same, and in cases even are beneficiaries by virtue of pimping out these kids, as evidenced by a certain video aired on social media less than a week ago. This seven-year-old child was actually being cheered, egged on and rewarded monetarily by surrounding adults for her highly suggestive, sexual and lewd dancing skills. They were all having a ball at this child's expense. What is to be her future? She has already, at this age, learned a lesson ... she has tasted the rewards of sexual degradation. In her young mind, sex pays. I implore the Government to enact laws that will put the fear of God Himself in the hearts of any adult with like mind. Put them away! We need to stand up for our young. They need a champion. We don't have to be a parent to a child in distress to take action. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING! Mayhap in so doing we can turn the beat around and save some.