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'Stronger social intervention programmes needed to help curb crime'

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 2:37 PM

Board Member of the Peace Management Initiative, Horace Levy, says stronger social intervention programmes are needed to help curb crime and violence across the country.

With more than 600 people murdered since the start of the year, National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, yesterday outlined a three-pronged approached being pursued by government to tackle crime.

The initiative includes increasing police mobility, removing illegal guns and ammunition and social intervention programmes which would target the root cause of crime.

Levy says he welcomes Bunting’s announcements.

Noting that domestic disputes are one of the main factors behind the murder rate, Levy says the government needs to do more to have trained social workers in communities.

He says there needs to be greater sensitisation of the police about domestic disputes.

The PMI board member says the government needs to embark on a nationwide programme on conflict resolution.

He argues that given the joblessness in the country, and harsh economic conditions, there may be high levels of frustration among some Jamaicans who may become violent.

Levy also says the government needs to find ways to turn that frustration into positive activities.


Board Member of the Peace Management Initiative, Horace Levy