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Purina Pushes Proper Pet Care

Published:Tuesday | July 21, 2015 | 3:48 PMKeisha Hill
A display of the range of Purina ONE Super Premium brand of dog food from Nestlé, Purina which is distributed by Cari-Med Limited in Jamaica.
Representatives of Nestlé, Purina in discussion with Jurg Blaser (right), country manager of Nestlé, Jamaica at the recent Pet Nutrition seminar at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel. From left are Jayshree Samaroo, trade marketing department; Maria-Isabel Ribeiro, trade marketing manager; and David Mangual, business development manager.

Whatever your pet's unique needs are and depending on your budget, Purina's range of pet foods gives them the nutrition they need to be their absolute best.

With Purina's goal of providing pet owners with tailored nutrition for pets, local veterinarians, dog breeders and pet lovers recently had the opportunity to hear from leading industry experts about providing optimal nutrition for their pets.

The seminar, held in Jamaica for the first time at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel, was important for continued education towards pet nutrition, according to Maria Isabel Ribeiro, trade marketing manager for NestlÈ Purina PetCare.

"It's our goal to ensure peace of mind for all pet owners who use Purina products. That means we work hard to gain pet owners' trust and keep it for the many years they enjoy with their pets. Beyond that, we also work to help pet owners understand how best to feed a product when it's fresh, and feed their pets according to their needs," Ribeiro said.

Dr Estuardo Rodriguez, regional professional development manager with the group, indicated that most of the participants were interested in information relating to the benefits of Purina ONE products, sources of allergies in pets and the main ingredients that were used in the production of its products.

"We were able to reassure these individuals that our products are manufactured in our own facilities under the guidance of our large quality assurance staff. We also use proprietary machinery made possible by our large team of Purina researchers, who are always engineering smarter tools and more efficient processes," Rodriguez said.

NestlÈ Purina PetCare Company is the manufacturer of Purina ONE, which is a super-premium dog food available for sale across Jamaica. Cari-Med Limited is the distributor of the NestlÈ Purina Pet Foods in Jamaica, with brands including Proplan, Purina ONE, Beneful, Puppy Chow and Alpo for dogs. Cat's nutrition also forms a part of the portfolio of products through brands such as Friskies, Cat Chow and Kitten Chow.

Those present at the seminar included Glen Christian, chief executive officer; Dennis Grant, general manager of Cari-Med Limited; and Jurg Blaser, country manager for NestlÈ in Jamaica; and Dr Kevin Walker, president of the Jamaica Veterinary Medical Association. Dr Manuel Garcia, internationally renowned medical and surgical specialist for cats and dogs and professor of Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, was the guest speaker.


Tips Essential for Puppies

*Give them one dog bowl for food and one for water

* Use proper puppy or dog food formula with the right balance of nutrients he needs to stay healthy

*Get a pet bed

*Immunisation records must be kept.

*Collar, leash and ID tag

*Shampoo, brush and dental paste for dog

*Variety of chewing puppy toys

*Have a routine. Always feed your dog at the same time each day. A healthy lifestyle works like a clock, it also will regulate your dog's bowel movement.

*Teach your dog to eat right. Place the food in his bowl, if he doesn't eat it within 15 minutes take it away. He will learn to eat without any distraction.

*Feeding your dog with food for humans can cause him serious health problems.

*Avoid giving bones to your dog. Buy the chew bone specially for dogs.

*Purina ONE formulas give your dog the complete and balanced nutrition that he needs that leftovers can't offer.

*Give your dog space to play, climb, and explore

*Encourage daily exercise

*Make him play and chew his toys