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JDF Credit Union opens membership bond

Published:Tuesday | July 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The JDF Co-operative Credit Union has expanded its membership bond beyond employees and ex-employees of the JDF and spouses of members.

The new categories of persons who now qualify for membership in the JDF Co-operative Credit Union are: employees and members of organisations affiliated with the JDF; employees of local co-operatives and relatives of members. Among the affiliated organisations are suppliers, companies, associations, institutions and professionals who provide services to the JDF.

In making the announcement, Patricia Tomlinson, general manager of the JDF Co-operative Credit Union said: "This move was necessary to further strengthen the foundation of the 52-year-old organisation and achieve the institution's 2017 strategic goals of growing its asset-size and membership."

"By broadening our membership base, we hope to grow the JDF Co-operative Credit Union significantly so that we will remain sustainable and be in a much better position to assist our members through improved savings, loans and services," she continued.

The JDF Co-operative Credit Union became a registered member of the Co-operative Societies of Jamaica on December 19, 1963, with a mandate to enhance the financial wellbeing of JDF military and civilian workers

It boasts a membership of 9,000 and assets exceeding $1 billion.