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Keeping it Real with Dunnique Perry

Published:Thursday | August 6, 2015 | 6:17 AMTamara Bailey
Perry takes pride in doing the Lord’s work.

Many times, young people can be heard saying it is harder to stay in the Church after having been brought up in a Christian home, and while so many of them fall by the way, there are others like Dunnique Perry who is happy she had a strong foundation.

"I got baptised at a crusade because I didn't want to be left behind when God returns, so I decided to give my life to Him, not because I was pressured. My Christian journey has been a good one so far, though not the easiest. Growing up so young as a Christian, I'm grateful for where I am as a child of God."

With her only regret being that she lacked knowledge of some fundamental beliefs, Perry is happy for her parents, who continue to give her support.


"If I were able to change the past, I think I would get baptised at an older age when I could understand certain issues and teachings. But looking back, I have no regrets because it has all led me to being the person I am. My parents are my biggest supporters and I am pleased that they continue to encourage me spiritually."

As long as earth is the habitat for us humans, we are prone to error, a fact Perry is completely aware of, but believes some things can be avoided.

"The hardest thing to do is to stay far from temptations, especially having friends that are not of the same faith. But if you don't, it can sometimes only spell trouble. When my friends would go out to parties on Friday nights, I felt left out ... I won't lie ... but you have to learn to fight the temptation. Even in a relationship, you have to learn to fight the temptation. You have to set boundaries and try your best to adhere to them. My social life never suffers. My friends and I always find games or have games night or we go to restaurants, Devon House or any event that we find appropriate."

She continued, "My advice is to stay away from negative people. Friends should respect your decision to be a Christian, and if they can't respect that, then they don't respect you or mean you any good."