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West Kingston Enquiry: More witnesses claim property damage

Published:Monday | September 7, 2015 | 1:16 PMLivern Barrett, Gleaner Writer

The West Kingston Commission of Enquiry resumed today with further testimony from residents highlighting the alleged destruction of property by members of the security forces.

One of the witnesses, Sandra Shaw, claimed that a soldier who occupied her home, blocked her from entering the house she said she locked up and left on May 18, 2010, days before the police-military operation started.

Shaw also told the enquiry that when she finally got to enter her house, she found that some of her belongings were missing and others damaged although she admitted that she did not see who did it. 


West Kingston resident, Sandra Shaw and before her, counsel to the commission, Garth McBean

The commission chairman, Sir David Simmons, questioned Shaw on whether she simply accepted the decision of the soldier to bar her from her home especially since by that time, the operation was over.

She explained that she did not pursue the matter because she did not want to go against the orders of the security forces.

Meanwhile, under cross examination, the witness said she knew of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke but was not aware that he was a donman in the area.


West Kingston resident, Sandra Shaw and before her, attorney for the JDF, Peter Champagnie