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Coaching students to achieve life goals

Published:Sunday | February 21, 2016 | 12:00 AMJanelle Oswald
From left: Oshane Morris, principal of Edith Dalton James High - Ray Howell, Orneika Stewart and Lincoln Holnes.
Lincoln Holnes (seated second right), poses with the staff of Edith Dalton James High School, St Andrew.
Jamaican-Canadian businessman Lincoln Holnes.

Jamaican-Canadian businessman Lincoln Holnes is donating complimentary coaching time to various schools in order to empower the youth to become tomorrow's leaders.

Holnes is chief executive officer and founder of Hanh Consulting. He grew up in Scott's Hall, St Mary, and has launched his coaching business by assisting various business leaders, companies and those who serve in leadership to reach their full potential. However, sharing the spirit of Ubuntu - an ancient African concept meaning 'humanity to others' and 'I am what I am, because of who we all are' - Holnes is also offering financially challenged schools an opportunity to benefit from his coaching programme designed to unleash the 'Yes I Can Giant' within any individual.

The 47-year-old father of two told The Gleaner, "I believe it's Jamaicans' time to grow and I'm excited about the unlimited potential and possibilities we have here. Jamaicans are trendsetters; we possess amazing talent and we have the potential to achieve so much more. For far too long, we have suffered from mediocrity when we're the producers of greatness."




Holness continues, "Coaching is not teaching, training, or consulting; it promotes the change from within. It empowers and helps ease the pain of changing and creates sustainable transformation for individuals and organisations.

"I believe children are the future leaders, so the schools are a great place to lend my time and services. Coaching is easier to be accepted by school-age children, and helps them develop the essential leadership skills that will benefit their lives and have a positive impact on their future. As a trained coach with many years' experience, I can offer a lot in leadership development, communication and motivation. If I'm able to reach one student or one teacher through coaching, the people around them will see and feel the difference. I am making an impact through the ripple effect."

Edith Dalton James High School in St Andrew was one of the first beneficiaries of the time volunteered by the University of Toronto graduate who studied solutions-focused coaching and business. Visiting the school to coach their teachers and staff, Holnes also funded two students' CXC exam fees. He told The Gleaner, "The child we ignore today can become tomorrow's Fortune 500 CEO".

Holnes believes that if children are empowered at an early age, they can grow up to become the backbone of Jamaica. If equipped with the proper knowledge, skill and vision, they can guide the country to become more powerful and successful.

"If children are wise, the country is wise; if children are rich, the country is rich; if children are strong, the country is strong; if children are independent, the country is independent; if children have freedom, the country has freedom; if children are progressing, the country is progressing."

Holnes posits that coaching is important because "a great coach can help you surpass your wildest expectations and achieve things that once were only a dream. A coach inspires you to see your inner strength and the virtues that you might not see, and empowers you to do more of what is already working for you."

" Everything we do is either building or destroying. I want to be a builder of people, to encourage and give tools to help others move beyond their current situation. It makes me feel good when I help someone soar because of the little push I gave them."