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Orkin Helping to Control Mosquito Population

Published:Tuesday | March 1, 2016 | 5:03 PMKeisha Hill
Sadiq Miller, general manager, Orkin Jamaica.

Mosquito control has been of great concern for many Jamaicans and has seen increased activity with the prevalence of several mosquito-borne diseases, including the chikungunya and the Zika virus.

Sadiq Miller, general manager at Orkin Jamaica, during a recent interview with The Gleaner, said prevention is very necessary to tackle the increase in the mosquito population.

According to Miller, measures such as disposing of standing water; putting mesh over doorways and windows; using insect repellent; wearing long-sleeved clothing; and using insecticides to kill adult mosquitoes can minimise the chances of attracting mosquitoes.

However, he said these measures are often not enough and speciality products used to combat mosquitoes are required.

"Mosquitoes can be potentially harmful and using speciality products to combat them is required. Each of the products used for mosquito control has varying degrees of effectiveness, and it is important to know that some may be better than others," Miller said.


Most people, he said, are aware of fogging for mosquito control; however, misting can also be used, which has a more lasting effect. "Fogging an area has minimal residual effect and kills only the adult mosquito population at any given time, while misting, on the other hand, has a longer residual effect of up to three weeks of coverage," Miller said.

Fogging is an effective method, however, the pesticides used for the application do not offer a residual effect and only eradicates the mosquitoes caught in the fog. Misting is designed to kill mosquitoes and other harmful insects by spraying pesticides in a fine mist.

Misting reaches places such as the underside of leaves, where mosquitoes tend to live. This treatment is carried out by spraying all foliage on the property. "When spraying with insecticides, persons should also focus on the vegetation around their homes as this is included in the areas where these mosquitoes generally rest during the daytime. Persons should also cut overgrown vegetation," Miller said.

Orkin Jamaica, he said, does mosquito-control activities in various communities, at times in collaboration with the Public Health Department if their services are requested or if a private community contracts them.