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Guarding the cave of wonder

Published:Thursday | August 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMJanelle Oswald
Ramona Riley shows the yoni eggs - each colour has a special significance.
Riley's Cosmic Wombman products.

Ramona Riley has dedicated her life to teaching women about their "cave of wonder," (womb) and encourages them to host womb parties to create positive awareness about the power of their femininity.

Known as the 'Vagina Lady', Riley a Kingstonian, has successfully launched Cosmic Wombman a consultancy business that educates women of reproductive ages and menopausal women about their vaginal health and how to tap into the power of their inner goddess.

A qualified hypnobirthing practitioner, birth/postpartum doula, placenta specialist, womb wellness practitioner and yoni egg practitioner, the married mother told The Gleaner, "While I was pregnant with my third child, I was very drawn to femininity and the womb. It all started with hypnobirthing (removing fear and eliminating pain), because this was the technique I learnt in order to have a completely different birthing experience from my two previous children.

"Hypnobirthing opened so many doors. I ended up having an amazing experience I delivered my daughter without any medical assistance or intervention. The experience allowed me to tap into parts of myself I didn't know existed."


Holistic approaches


"Turning my passion into a business really just happened naturally. Since I was already in the birthing world, I saw a dire need for holistic female health. Many women do not know their options. There are many holistic approaches to feminine health, which are as effective and safe compared to mainstream medical procedures/approaches, which can be invasive and expensive," Riley said.

Riley's personal reproductive story and the experiences of family and friends have helped her realise that healing women physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually was part of her life's journey.


Vagina lady


Riley got the name 'Vagina Lady' from a woman who recognised her but did not know her name.

"She referred to me as the 'Vagina Lady' and it just stuck. Because I work in the birth world and womb wellness, it seemed fun and appropriate, plus it grabs people's attention," she said.

Riley hosts womb parties which are positive girls night out, when women get together to embrace and celebrate their femininity. At the parties, Riley teaches womb health and care, belly dancing, yoga, African dancing, womb strengthening exercises, among other topics.

From the party, each woman takes home a salts bath package made by all participants. Every party is uniquely beautiful, catering to individual needs.

Explaining care of the vagina, Riley recommends that women use steam to oxygenate the cells in the vagina. "It detoxes the vagina and promotes circulation; frequency is determined by individual women and practitioner."

Riley also sells yoni eggs for women who want to be more adventurous. A yoni egg is a healing crystal cut in the shape of its namesake and is available in different sizes and colours. The yoni egg helps most reproductive issues but also other concerns not related to the womb or vagina.

For example, the black obsiden yoni egg helps to ground and set strong foundations for your life. You can sleep with it, go through your daily routines with it in your vagina. It tones the muscles in your vagina so you can control them during intercourse, making you and your partner climb the Himalayas orgasmically.




Riley's clients are women who are "seeking holistic approaches to infertility, pelvic diseases, fibroids and cysts", along with women who just want to maintain a healthy womb. Yoni eggs cost between $12,500- $14,500; women over age 18 can use one.

"Women who struggle with excessive bleeding during menstruation, painful cramps, irregular periods and have a weak pelvic floor are strongly recommended to use them, especially because they are useful for balancing hormones."

Cosmic Wombman is a holistic option for reproductive health. It does not take the place of a gynaecologist but focuses on healing, and teaching clients how to self-heal, Riley said.

Considering herself as a"one stop shop for female needs", Riley says the three biggest mistakes women make with their 'lady parts' are: using toxic pads and tampons, douching and leaving past sexual partners energy in their vaginas after a relationship ends.

"Every young woman needs to know how powerful her vagina is and how to show it love and care. In life, all relationships need to be nurtured for them to be healthy and the relationship with your vagina is no different. Eating the wrong foods, lack of cleansing or care, or trauma to the uterus, will affect the vagina and result in diseases."

Riley, who has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, says, "I love women's strength, power, nurturing skills and selflessness regarding their children. Women should become aware of the powers of their femininity and embrace it."

Riley advises men to know that the uterus and vagina are connected emotionally to the heart, and like women, it can be moody too, so they should respect both because the vagina is one of a woman's most powerful 'tools'. "Love your woman and try not to create trauma and pain without the willingness to heal it," she says.

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