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Health ministry engages temporary workers as it heightens vector control activities

Published:Sunday | May 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The Ministry of Health is to re-engage temporary vector-control workers trained by HEART as it heightens vector control activities across all parishes in the aftermath of the recent heavy rains which caused flooding in some areas.

The health ministry says it will be placing special emphasis on the parishes of Clarendon, St Catherine and St Thomas where there was widespread flooding.

The heightened vector control activities comes amid reports of an increase in the mosquito population since the rains.

"The increased mosquito infestation being experienced island wide with reports of large, black, 'strange' looking mosquitoes is similar to what was observed in 2014 when heavy rains fell after a prolonged drought," the health ministry explained in a release issued yesterday.

The ministry explained further that the Aedes Taeniorhynchus mosquito is not known to transmit any vector borne diseases like Dengue or Zika V, but is a major nuisance as it aggressively seeks a blood meal from human and animals.