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Prophecies (Pt 2) - The prophetic word of the Lord for 2018 and onwards

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM
This homeless man washes some garments from a dripping fire hydrant on West Queen Street.
The Lord will expose persons within the health sector who have been misdiagnosing patients, especially small children and seniors, through the administering of certain medications, causing them to end up with terminal illnesses.


Through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, Prophet David Benoit.

11. A new leadership shall emerge that will follow God’s instructions and will have a heart for the poor, the fatherless and the widowed. Jamaica belongs to God, and He will get the nation where He wants it. For the Lord said that the problem that the nation is going through is the result of the hands of so many of the leaders of the nation (past and present) being covered with the blood of the innocent and they refuse to repent. The Lord says that the remnant should not cease to intercede that the eyes of the people will open to see the truth.

12. The Lord has been warning Jamaica and the leaders of the nation to seek Him before certain laws are passed, but they consistently ignore Him. Many of the laws passed will affect the country negatively, and Jamaica will become poorer, physically and spiritually. Investments will go down and there will be a terrible cry in Jamaica. The nation will not know who to trust as many have been undermining the country in order to prosper at the expense of the nation. But the Lord will shake their financial foundation. The poor and the less fortunate have been crying and no one listened, and because of the frustration and bewilderment, they will now go after the rich. Many empty promises have been given, but God has heard their cry. The Lord says He shall raise up an army of men and women with an end-time message. Many who have turned their backs on the Lord shall not escape the judgement. The Lord says, “I have warned the land, but they have not heeded. Grievous wolves have crept to the land and many are not able to discern them. These wolves plan to drain the nations’ finances, and many will come begging for crumbs. Many innocent lives have been lost because of what they know, and for many others, if they speak, they will be taken out secretly.

13. A great and shocking exposure is coming to the nation and many will hide themselves away. But the Lord says the faithful must continue, because a great revival is coming. Prepare yourselves.

14. There will be a stirring within the Jamaican Police Force ­ unrest is brewing. Undermining is about to be exposed, and even greater exposure is ahead. One very popular member of the police force is about to get an awakening, and the Lord is going to open his eyes and show him many things. God will give him boldness. (It is not time for ‘Bigga’ Ford to retire.)

15.There are persons who will be leaving their jobs at the Office of the Prime Minister/Jamaica House.

16.There is a secret cry taking place because of what is happening within the nation. Leaders have been operating with two laws in effect ­ one for the rich, and another for the poor. Many turn their eyes to the evil. But the Lord says He is going to do something in the nation that is going to tickle many ears. Many have stocked away finances, while ignoring the cry for help from the people, and many know what has been done to spike the crime rates.

17. God says He is going to expose the evil of the land and many will see His handiwork. We will see kingdoms come down suddenly.

18. God shall visit the different hills in Jamaica. Many will be exposed, and many will know who the problem is in Jamaica. Politics, business, security, and churchmen. Some fearless youth will rise up in the area of politics, and many seasoned politicians will be moved out of place. Watch the hands of the Lord.

19. The Lord says He has been warning Jamaica to pull out of and avoid any additional loans from international lenders because He knows their motives. Their goal is to strip the nation. The structure of some of their agreements is of such that the interest on these loans will bring greater burden and severe hardship on the nation and its people. There is great suffering ahead unless some of these loans are re-negotiated in favour of the people. Be warned, many of these loans are traps!

20. Racism will rise in Jamaica’s private and public organisations. Many will be overlooked for employment and promotions because of the colour of their skin.
21. The Spirit of the Lord says He is not pleased with the Leader of this nation, as well as with the other Politicians because they have turned their backs on His instructions.

22. Thus Saith the Lord to Christians, “Awake from your slumber!” “Arise from your sleep!” “Weep and mourn for your nation, for My Eyes have seen to and fro throughout this land and My Judgment is upon this nation,” says the Lord

23. The Lord is about to expose more prominent spiritual leaders who have been living different lifestyles that will break the spirit of deception that has been blinding the eyes of the people.

24.The murder rate in Jamaica can be reduced, but there are well-known ex-politicians who have been contributing to the majority of the crimes committed. A sudden attack will be upon those who behind the crime and violence locally and internationally. Many elite will be exposed.

25. The Lord will expose persons within the health sector who have been misdiagnosing patients, especially small children and seniors, through the administering of certain medications, causing them to end up with terminal illnesses. The Lord says many of these practitioners will lose their medical licences for malpractice.
26. There are more financial mergers concerning banks that will occur because of misappropriation of funds.

27. Jamaica will face tough decisions regarding its allegiance to larger nations, particularly in the area of laws and regulations being passed. The Lord says Jamaica’s leaders need to seek Him as their source before making decisions hastily. Their decisions have the potential to negatively impact the nation and to cause problems at the diplomatic level. It is critical for Jamaica to make the right decisions.

28. The Spirit of the Lord says He is displeased with the growing number of homeless persons across the island who need urgent spiritual, medical, emotional and financial attention, who at some point been rejected by society, but He says they belong to Him and He did not come for the righteous, but for those who are sick (spiritually and naturally), and this exposes the hearts of Christians, especially spiritual leaders. They are about their own business, except taking care of His business, and His business takes precedence over everything.

29. The Spirit of the Lord says there is much work to be done within different churches, especially traditional churches, where people are not healed and delivered (not set free). These churches are mostly concerned about the monies coming in and the people are dying spiritually ­ no training, just making up numbers.

30. The Spirit of the Lord says the Jamaican Government will institute more laws that will cause spiritual and natural oppression upon the people, but there will be a set of people who will be brave, will not compromise, and fight for the Perfect Will of the Lord to be established.

31.The Year 2018 will bring about a lot of rebellion, persecutions and bondage that will cause major revolutions to take place.

32. The entertainment industry in Jamaica is in serious trouble ­ entertainers will be turning against each other, and it will cause many to look UP!

33. There are prominent schools in Kingston that are experiencing financial problems and health issues and will be forced to close down. Pray for those schools.

34. A new rise of athletes will emerge and take on the sports arena by storm.

35. The orphanages nationwide need much attention spiritually, medically, financially, and educationally.

36. There is a rise of incest within families, especially among children, but these children are bribed so as not to speak out against these evil. They are even told that nothing is wrong and it is acceptable because cousins sleep with cousins within the royal family and nobody squeals about that. But the Lord is about to intercept and destroy this deceptive demon.

37. There are many people who are asking for the return of Jamaica’s National Fleet ­ Air Jamaica ­ and for more access to be granted with different hubs worldwide, and this Fleet still has much favour with God. The Lord says someone needs to come forward and bid to bring it back. It will bring great blessing to the nation.

38. There will be more Latinos visiting Jamaica’s soil because of its rich heritage and similarities with a few Hispanic countries.

39. It is time for all politicians to speak the truth concerning their ingenuity towards the people because each of them will stand before God on Judgment Day to give an account to Him for their lies and deception practices.

40. If both the Government and the Opposition don’t revisit their advisers and the advice they are getting to move the country forward, the outcomes will be frightening, because many of the advisers are in it to advance their own cause and they are not functioning in the interest of the nation.

41.The Spirit of the Lord says each household needs to set their houses in order, for Jesus Christ is coming again! Who hath an ear, hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.

42. The Spirit of the Lord says the agricultural industry in Jamaica is in for troubled times because of the increase of natural disasters that will greatly affect the soil.

43. The watchmen in Jamaica are sleeping! Arise! Arise out of your slumber and travail for the land. Weep for the nation! Blow the trumpet and keep silent no more,” says the Spirit of the Living God!

44. There are going to be riots breaking out in certain parts of Jamaica, and this will bring the leaders to their knees because of continuous disobedience and rebellion over many years.

45. The Lord is calling all Christians in Jamaica to discern, especially now to His Return, for there are many hirelings, cults and some leaders are involved in debauchery ­ living multiple lifestyles. This had scattered much of His sheep. Thus saith the Lord, “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, for they are many,” saith GOD!

46. A religious deception will hit Jamaica. The people need to be watchful. The Lord says they should study the Word as never before and pray as never before. There will be strong delusions.

47. Jamaica is now standing at a cross roads, the question will be asked: what next do they have to present to the people. All leaders in Jamaica need to examine their role within the society for the eyes of the Lord are watching Jamaica. Those in charge must take responsibility for the growth and success and the spiritual life of the country for the Lord says it is no longer business as usual.

48. The spirit of Eli has taken over many of the church leaders in Jamaica and they are about to be called into accountability by God. The Glory of God is about to depart for them and their cry will be great; because there have been many warnings going out to them, but they have refused to renew their minds. They now stand in God’s way and resist Him and everything He desires to do. The Lord says their time has come and there will be a suddenly shake and shift!

49. The Lord has seen the faithful remnant. There are some churches and leaders that have been pressing despite great oppositions. You have stood and suffered great persecution. Continue to stand. God is about to promote you because of your faithfulness. Remember, do not walk the way of those before you who became unfaithful, proud and disobedient. The Lord says remain humble as He lifts you up and you will eat the fruit of the land and receive His reward.

50. There are some organisations with limited resources that have been doing a great deal to help the youth. The Lord says He sees all that you do and He is pleased. However, He says be careful not to become corrupt when He begins to open doors for you.

- The prophecies given are for 2018 onward.God can choose to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending, subject to the repentance of nations and individuals. Jonah 3: 5--10; Exodus 32: 14; Jeremiah 18: 7--11; Amos 7: 3--6; II Kings 20: 1--11 and I Corinthians 13: 9. Please remember, God does whatever He pleases (Psalm 135: 6). He changes Times and Seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings (Daniel 1: 20--23).