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ECJ head seeks clarity from attorney general

Published:Monday | January 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMEdmond Campbell
Dorothy Pine McLarty

Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, Dorothy Pine-McLarty, said she had written to the attorney general in July last year seeking advice on how to remove the names of people from the voters' list who had migrated.

Pine told journalists yesterday that in 2006 when attempts were made to remove the names of electors who had migrated, there was "a big hue and cry" about the process.

She said that Jamaicans migrate in some cases for economic reasons and then return to vote when there is a national election.

According to the ECJ boss, the Attorney General is Department is said it was still working on the response up to last week.

She indicated that as soon as the ECJ gets a legal position from the AG's office, the commission would be able to proceed with the enumeration exercise if funding is available.

Director of Elections Orrett Fisher, in an interview on Monday said that many Jamaicans had migrated over the last 10 years and remained on the list. He also said many Jamaicans had also moved from the address at which they lived when initially registered. "The law requires that people vote where they live," he added.

He noted that there were people who died and the information did not get to the Electoral Office and their names remained on the list.