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A Matter of Land | When is a land surveyor necessary PT 2?

Published:Friday | November 16, 2018 | 12:00 AMCraig Francis
Craig Francis

This week, we will continue our advice on when you should consult your land surveyor with the hope that you will be able to make informed decisions regarding your properties. When you are going to purchase a property it is one of, if not the most substantial investment they you will ever make in your lifetime.

It is usually a multimillion-dollar investment and one that you could have for decades. However, many times it is treated with scant regard as to how persons approach this major investment.

When purchasing something of a lesser value, such as a car, we put a lot of research into the type of car we want and when we are going to purchase, we usually take along an expert, such as a mechanic to ensure that everything is in order.

However, we often don't take the same amount of care when we are about to invest millions of dollars into a property and we should.

After last week's tips on the times when you need to consult a land surveyor, here are some more:

- Whenever you have a vacant piece of land or lot and you are going to do any construction on it. This is for several reasons, first to identify the boundary, or replace the boundary marks if they are missing. This will ensure that you are clear as to where your boundaries are. It also ensures that you know how much of the fruit trees are actually on your property, etc.

- Second, especially if the terrain is steep or undulating, you need the land surveyor to conduct a topographic survey on the property and prepare a topographic plan. This is a survey and plan that will show the contour of the land, along with any other feature on the land. This topographic plan will be used by the architect to properly design the building you intend to put on the property. Without this topographic plan, your building could have substantial problems. It could be designed on a flat land and that might not be the case.

- Finally, you need the land surveyor to set out the position of your building on your property when you are going to do your construction. The land surveyor will set out your building in its true and correct position on your property. This is very important when the property is large, steep, or undulating, or the building is large or intricate in its design. The surveyor will set out your building with superior accuracy and precision. This could save you time, money, and the possibility of errors in the setting out of your building.

Keep sending your questions and comments and let's continue to explore A Matter of Land. Until next time, traverse well!

- Craig Francis is a commissioned land surveyor and managing director of Precision Surveying Services Ltd. He can be contacted for questions or queries at or Precision Surveying Services.