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#Jamaica57 (Part Three): Fashion ... a bold mix of colours and customs

Published:Tuesday | August 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM
The Bandana, though not indigenous, has been integrated into Jamaican fashion. It is a reflection of the strong, rich and colourful personalities of the people.

In recognition of Independence Day, The Gleaner presents #Jamaica57. In part three of four-part pictorial series, we take a peek at fashion. 

Fashion in Jamaica has always been a reflection of the strong, rich and colourful personalities of the people. 

Giving true meaning to the phrase ‘dress to impress’, a Jamaican will stand out in any gathering with bold, bright colours and designs that are appealing and comfortable.

Not influenced by one thing or place, the Jamaican style pulls from British and Spanish cultures with a dash of Asian and a rich serving of African inspirations.  

Of course, pieces are made to fit the tropical climate and, to some extent, reflect class and wealth. In times past, women’s dresses were made with ruffles or tiers, while men would wear loose fitting trousers and short sleeve shirts.

Over the years the trends have changed and so the styles have evolved to fit faster pace generations and the changes in climate. 

The social scenes have transformed significantly displaying a variety of styles and ditching the ‘excess’ fabric of the tiers instead modelling waist-high splits and seductive cuts for women while men have moved to brighter colours and patterns and closer-fitting pants.

The fashion cycle changes periodically with the re-emergence of cuts and patterns but there are elements such as the colour and creativity that always remain. 

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