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York Town health centre needs basic furniture, amenities

Published:Thursday | August 22, 2019 | 12:05 AM
A section of the exterior of the York Town Health Centre.
A section of the exterior of the York Town Health Centre.

Staff at the York Town facility operate under extremely humid conditions. Among their most pressing needs are air-conditioning units and fans, and although the building has adequate space, the entire roof in the waiting area leaks badly when it rains.

Externally, there is evidence of rodent and wasp infestation, and the perimeter fence has several holes. Even with fencing in place, the front gate cannot be properly locked at nights and the walls need painting. The facility is over-run by goats that gain access through the broken front fence, and they sleep on the compound at nights.

The staff have no lunchroom, so they are forced to eat at their desks in their offices and store microwave and other utensils where space is available. This situation is further compounded by the fact that the public health nurse’s office also doubles as an examination room for patients, and is the place where the fridge which stores the vaccines is housed.

The midwife needs a desk urgently, as she uses the counter top in her office for this purpose. The waiting room needs more seats for patients because even the benches outside are insufficient when there is a big crowd. Many times, some people have to stand and wait for a seat to become vacant.Services offered at the facility include maternal and child health, ante natal, family planning, post natal and the dressing of wounds.The vector control team for the parish is also based there.

What is needed

The immediate needs are: four desks and chairs for staff, washing machine, fans, a large baby scale, two blood pressure machines and a scale to weigh adults.