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Growth & Jobs | May Pen errand running company employs six

Published:Tuesday | October 22, 2019 | 12:00 AMOlivia Brown/Gleaner Writer
Urged International employee Exdol Mitchell makes a delivery to a customer in May Pen, Clarendon.
Founder of Urged International, Romario Mitchell.

Twenty-four-year-old Romario Malcolm is the founder of the first delivery and errand-running business in May Pen, Clarendon.

Malcolm said the concept of URGED (Utilities, Restaurants, Groceries, Express, Delivery) was founded on the inconveniences he experienced while working and being unable to undertake his personal errands.

Speaking with The Gleaner, the young entrepreneur said: “The business idea came about after too many days when I was working and wanted something to be done on the road. I realised the gap in May Pen for a courier service and decided to close it.”

Malcolm said since starting in April, he has employed six persons to the Urged team. Sharing that the business is doing well, and people are attracted to the concept, he lauded his team members as an integral part of the business. “It’s also a bonus if you have a solid team, people who see the vision like you do and go after it just as hard,” he said.

Malcolm shared that no errand is exempt from the Urged International service offering. “We offer delivery and errand services from restaurants – KFC, Burger King, Juici Patties, pharmacies, and supermarkets. We also pick up packages and documents.”


The Denbigh High School past student and realtor said his entity also facilitates bill payments on behalf of customers to various utility companies in the Clarendon capital. “We also offer special requests for out-of-parish pick-up or delivery,” he added.

Malcolm said the response to the business has been positive. “The response has been exceptional. Clarendon is very welcoming of the business. Very often, customers tell us this is a great idea and they needed this a long time. I always tell the Urged team, ‘pressure buss pipe and pressure make diamond’, and we’re coming out as a pretty nice diamond,” he said.

Malcolm told The Gleaner that one of the main objectives of his business is to provide convenience and spare customers the hassle of joining a line while at the same time saving gas or time. “Our customers can stay at work or home and have their goods delivered or bills paid. Whatever the request might be, you can call us.”

Urged International may be contacted via phone at 876-773-5015 and on Instagram @urged_int.