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Samuda wants ministry to focus more on families, communities

Published:Monday | February 3, 2020 | 12:19 AMJudana Murphy/Gleaner Writer

Karl Samuda, minister with oversight responsibility for education, has called on the ministry to place greater focus on parental involvement and the development of students.

He was speaking recently at a press conference for the release of the 2019 National Education Inspectorate Report.

“Too often, we get sidetracked, believing that the real success in the ministry is to provide more schools, more classrooms, make the buildings much nicer and everything else, and perhaps we are overlooking the most fundamental of improvements that are necessary,” Samuda said.

“Forget about the overemphasis on buildings and focus on the human development, the family, the community, the involvement of the parents with the development of the child,” he appealed.

Though most schools have received commendable scores based on the inspection report, Samuda said he wants to see that improvement channelled into homes.


“[It will require] diligence, continuous commitment and involvement by the ministry in the cultivation of the right attitudes within the home ... so that the guidance that the children need in their formative years are provided,” Samuda said.

He explained that the ministry cannot “easily correct deficiencies that started in infancy” when students have advanced to the secondary level.

Samuda urged the ministry officials present to recommit to devising strategies that will guide actions in the pursuit of human development.