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Earth Today | Lifespan prioritises environmentally responsible production

Published:Thursday | April 29, 2021 | 12:07 AM
A dedication to protecting the environment motivated Lifespan to begin blowing and recycling its own plastic bottles.
A dedication to protecting the environment motivated Lifespan to begin blowing and recycling its own plastic bottles.

FLOWING FROM the Blue Mountains at a flow rate of more than 1,000 gallons per minute, Lifespan – one of Jamaica’s bottled spring water company – maintains a fully integrated, eco-friendly model.

Operating from a 30,000-square-foot facility on approximately 40 acres of land in Buff Bay, Portland, the factory sits on its own piece of lush tropical rainforest by the source, which flows from the Spring Garden Aquifer, yielding the naturally alkaline spring water with a usual pH of 7.9-8.4.

“We have been very careful in preserving the natural aesthetic of our location and we pride ourselves on being able to maintain and enhance our harmony with nature and the environment. As a brand, we are committed to supplying a superior product, and this means implementing and observing quality and safety practices. The grounds, watershed and natural forest is protected to preserve the delicate balance of the environment,” explained Nayana Williams, CEO Lifespan, in a release to The Gleaner.

A dedication to protecting the environment motivated the brand to begin blowing and recycling its own plastic bottles while encouraging consumers to return bottles to its office in Kingston at Shop 14, Ardenne Emirates.

“Recycling is crucial, and even the smallest step can have significant benefits for the environment. A better understanding of the advantages of recycling can ensure that it becomes a natural and important part of your life, and we try to impress this on our consumers,” the CEO said.

“Research has shown recycled plastic saves up to 16.3 barrels of oil and reduces plastic waste in landfills exponentially, and it is this sense of responsible thinking and living that we try to impress on not only our consumers but our staff and anyone that comes into contact with the brand,” Williams said further.

Lifespan’s unique abstraction process safeguards the mineral composition, pH and oxygen levels of water collected at its source.

“The water is collected just before it is released into the surface stream that runs below the spring so it is naturally filtered and mineralised through a natural process which takes it from the Blue Mountain Peak to our facility in Spring Garden. It is not allowed to mix with the surface water at any point during the abstraction process, and that is what makes Lifespan Spring Water superior to all other brands,” Williams maintained.